Kelli + Jamel | Married | Birmingham, Alabama

Kelli and Jamel sat next to one another during their freshman year biology course, without speaking. Finally, at the end of the semester, he worked up his courage and asked to borrow a pen. Unfortunately, it would be two years before their paths would cross again… but with that crossing, their forever began.

The two were married in a beautiful June ceremony at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Their day had it’s share of complications.  The reception decorators had to work by cell phone light due to an issue with the electricity, the bakery dropped their cake during delivery (but was able to bring another in time,) and more guests than were anticipated showed up for their wedding. But none of those things could take away from the special moments shared on their day. Their wedding was probably one of the most emotional ones I have ever photographed. Before the wedding, both the bride and groom were obviously anxious and excited, while calm and thoughtful about every moment leading up to their moment.

Thank you to Margaret Lee Photography for joining me in capturing Kelli and Jamel’s day.

According to Kelli, “My favorite memory from our wedding was walking down the aisle.  I couldn’t see him until I turned a corner and when I did my heart melted.  He was crying, looking at me and I was crying looking at him.  In that moment I didn’t see anyone else except him.  In that moment we were the only two people in the world… suddenly, I didn’t care about the lights, the cake, or the amount of people there. My wedding day was perfect because of the amount of love I felt through Jamel and from him. I know it sounds cliche, but my wedding day was truly magical; I loved everything about it. ” 

What was most important to you, when planning your wedding? “The thing that was most important when planning my wedding was making sure I choose the right photographer for our day. Some might say that that’s odd but it was the most important factor for me.  You’re so busy on that day and moving so fast that you barely remember anything.  All you have to reminisce on your wedding day are your photographs and if they aren’t perfect or what you expected them to be then all you have left of your day are bits and pieces in your memory.” 

The surprise flash dance during the reception was the perfect wrap-up to the emotional, fun, and beautiful day. Despite the little mishaps, Kelli and Jamel were married and surrounded by family and friends who love them.  Kelli’s advice, “RELAX.  No matter how much you plan things are going to happen something may go wrong but when it’s all said and done you won’t even care or remember those things.  Just enjoy the day because it goes by so fast.”

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  1. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    I agree with everything she said! Beautiful as always Elle Danielle!

  2. Kristi Garrett says:

    I’ve known Kelli Owens since she was born. This blog entry captures the full emotion of the beautiful couple on their special day.

  3. Lisa Blue says:


  4. Felicia Green says:

    Wonderful Photography!

  5. Ora Patterson says:

    Everything was just Beautiful! Kelli and Jamel the pictures and the entire article is just sooo beautiful! with all of the little mishaps no one ever new but you guys! 🙂 I enjoyed every moment of the wedding!

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