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August 2, 2013

Danelle + Nick | Engaged

When we met for our bridal consultation, Danelle (pronouced “Duh-nell”) and I talked for what felt like hours.She is one of those people who is genuinely interested in getting to know others and totally willing to share herself in exchange. Nick is one lucky guy, to have such a swell girl, and he knows it!! Which in turn makes him the best fiancé ever. There is this sweetness that exists between them, that is reminiscent of young love–but totally built to last.

We got together for their engagement session months ago.  On that weekend, I had already cancelled a number of session because I thought it was going to rain — but it didn’t. So when Sunday rolled around, I decided that I would take the chance and that we would proceed as planned. We started at Chéz Lulu and the Continental Bakery, in the English Village neighborhood, which are two of Danelle’s favorites, given her love for all things French.

So, things were going well and I’m was feeling glad that I had not reschedule this session too… then Nick, who was obviously feeling the same way, said those infamous last words… “I can’t believe it hasn’t rained.” Two minutes later — torrential downpour. Thanks Nick! So, we parted ways with plans to finish up their session another day.

The thing I love most about Danelle is how painfully awkward she is in front of the camera. I know that sounds weird… as I photographer, I am  supposed to only love those couples that are natural-born models, right? Wrong. Danelle is so awkward it’s endearing… She’s not afraid to laugh at herself and admit that she has no idea what she’s doing. Nick thinks it is adorable too. When it comes to them, that goofiness is who they are and it is what makes them beautiful.

Needless to say, I am very excited to be shooting their wedding in December. Nick has promised that his big Palestinian family will be loud and fun, and that I will totally be overwhelmed. I cannot wait! Love you guys!!!

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  1. Danelle Rohwedder says:

    I absolutely adore this! Thank you so much!

  2. Crystal Goodson Wilkerson says:


  3. Louise Goodson says:

    Danelle Rohwedder is one of kind! So glad she has you to capture all these beautiful pictures of her and Nick! Never knew she was “awkward” in front of the camera. Can’t tell it from these pictures. Great job! 🙂 She knows I love her and her family! Can’t wait till December 28th when she and Nick tie the knot!

  4. Susan Davis says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Danelle. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Alecia Watson Bahna says:

    *swoon* love, love, love the photos (and of course these two kiddos).

  6. Rania Awwad says:

    This is too perfect. Your relationship in a nutshell.

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