Josie + John
Intimate 50th Anniversary Dinner at Thompson Buckhead

They softly held hands, reminiscing about their 10th wedding anniversary. That year, the babysitter baked a surprise cake, and the kids stapled balloons to the living room ceiling. They could have done without the staples, but John and Josie knew their children had all of the best intentions.

Over the years, the Williams’ marriage grew stronger in the face of all challenges. All the while, the Williams children held a front-row seat to a successful marriage could be.

Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Williams celebrated their 50th, golden anniversary. The family gathered for an intimate dinner at Dirty Rascal restaurant at the Thomson Buckhead hotel. Over a family-style Italian meal, the couple enjoyed time with their now-grown children and their respective spouses, before joining a zoom call with family and friends from across the globe.

Thank you to the vendors: Venue: Thomson Buckhead + Dirty Rascal // Balloon Decor: Pop Deux // Cupcakes: Pastry Addict

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