Nikki + Reggie

We met on the bridge where they took their first selfie, which is pretty much the best reason ever to pick a location, if you ask me… and although the day was cold and quite gloomy, Nikki and Reggie’s joy for life and love for one another was obvious. Authentic. Refreshing. I didn’t have to give them hardly any instruction… I set them free to just have fun and spend time together, like they would on any given day.

And so — they held hands as she climbed and jumped like a little kid, he shook his head as she walked with her shoes in-hand, he played the bridge railings.. because any and everything has the potential to be a drum, they laughed as the wind blew her hair into his face, they recreated that first selfie, and eventually they sat and prayed over one another, like they do so often.

This weekend, Nikki and Reggie will get married and truly start the new year by starting a new chapter, together.

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  1. Iris Mannings says:

    Her ring(s). are. absolutely. PERFECT! <3

  2. Porche P Belcher says:

    Love it!

  3. Kathy Werner Finklea says:

    you have an eye for capturing those special candid moments like no other! Thank you!

  4. Maria Lucas says:

    So special!

  5. Stephanie Finklea says:

    Love this! Congratulations!

  6. Richard Jordan says:

    My dude!!

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