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Adrienne and Khalil are incredibly accomplished. Last week, she graduated from Auburn University with her PhD, just as he did a year ago. They are both talented athletes. They are leaders.  By every measure of the term, they are a power couple. But, anyone who knows them will tell you that it’s their humble spirit and deep rooted faith that make them special… it’s the way they ask about what’s going on in your life and offer prayers first, before discussing themselves, that makes them a blessing. It’s the way they exemplify God’s love that is inspiring.

Adrienne and Khalil got married in August of this year in Louisville, over looking the river she grew up near. They wanted an event that was intentional, and one that expressed their gratitude for their guests’ presence, love, and support.

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Adrienne and Khalil chose to do a first look before their ceremony. They wanted an opportunity to spend time together, privately, before joining their family and friends. Watching them embrace one another was incredibly moving.

Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0009Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0010Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0011Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0012Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0013Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0014Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0015Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0016Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0017Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0018Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0023Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0019Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0022Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0020
Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0021Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0027Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0031Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0036Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0032Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0033Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0034Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0035Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0037Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0046Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0041Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0043Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0042Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0044Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0028Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0024Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0029Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0025Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0026Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0038Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0039Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0040Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0047Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0048Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0053Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0049Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0050Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0051Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0052When asked what advice she would offer to other brides, Adrienne says, “remember the wedding is just a day but marriage is for life. Take time during your engagement period to continue to grow in love with your soon to be spouse and prepare for marriage itself.  And if you begin to stress, ask yourself, who am I trying to please?  Seek The Lord for guidance and direction and do not neglect your first love (your relationship with Jesus Christ).

I am so grateful for the steadfast support of my husband in all circumstances. He has truly sharpened me and pushed me closer to Christ each day.”

Louisville Kentucky Wedding_0045

VENDORS:  PLANNER:  Splendid Events, LLC // PHOTOGRAPHY:  Elle Danielle Photography // VIDEOGRAPHY:  Bruce Karcher Videography  //  BRIDAL ATTIRE:  Allure Bridals // MAKEUP:  Marie Fulkerson // DJ:  Gerald Fleming // WEDDING CAKE:  Mert’s Cakes // CATERING :  Maesterson’s Catering //

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  1. Janelle Chung says:

    YESSSS!!!! This wedding was absolutely beautiful!!!! The steps where the groomsmen posed… the raw emotion!!! EVERYTHING!!! Beautiful Elle Danielle!!! <3

  2. Shareen Sharrieff-Frater says:


  3. Iris Mannings says:

    I absolutely love everything about this wedding!!!! Everything!!! <3

  4. D Jerome Smedley says:

    Outstanding work!

  5. Dominique Neville Green says:

    Absolutey gorgeous Elle! So thankful to be able to call these two beautiful people, friends.You did a phenomenal job of capturing the essence of this special couple.

  6. Tiki Merritt Curry says:


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