Kara + Soloman
Dallas Engagement Session

Soloman has been flirting with Kara since they were in the fifth grade. By Junior High, she had warmed up to his attention and the two started dated. Life took them different directions and Soloman around the world, but in time, the two came back together to pursue their love that started so many years before.

Tomorrow, they are getting married! And in case your scratching your head, thinking that you recognize Kara’s adorable smile.. you do. She and Sara, another bride who got married a few years ago, are twins. I can’t wait to capture Kara and Soloman’s day as it unfolds.

And now, a few favorites from their engagement session in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Engagement Session_0013Dallas Engagement Session_0014Dallas Engagement Session_0012Dallas Engagement Session_0015Dallas Engagement Session_0019Dallas Engagement Session_0018Dallas Engagement Session_0016Dallas Engagement Session_0011Dallas Engagement Session_0010Dallas Engagement Session_0009Dallas Engagement Session_0008Dallas Engagement Session_0007Dallas Engagement Session_0006Dallas Engagement Session_0005Dallas Engagement Session_0002Dallas Engagement Session_0001Dallas Engagement Session_0003

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  1. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Can’t get enough of those twins’ smiles!!! Love it!! Congratulations Kara!!! #fanofFridayweddings

  2. Vincent Doss says:

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