Armstrong Family

June 29, 2015

Armstrong Family : Houston Lifestyle Photography

The adorable baby, the Internet’s favorite little natural hair darling, the super hero who disguises himself as a boy by day, their incredibly talented mother, and their father who is the foundation upon which their family is built… allow me to introduce you to the Armstong family. Christin (the incredibly talented mother of the bunch) and I have been friends for a few years.  Our friendship began on Facebook and eventually grew into regular phone and Skype conversations.  Getting together in-person and letting our children meet and play together (they have had their own Skype conversations!) has been something we’ve been wanting to do for at least a year, and this Spring it finally happened! Naturally, a photoshoot was necessary to mark the occasion..

First up, the little girl that causes me to have a case of baby fever at least once a week — Emory, better known as #cannonballarmstrong.

Houston Family Session_0005Houston Family Session_0006

Next — Riley, one of Greyson’s new best friends… and the most outspoken, independent-thinking, and cutest children I have ever known.

Houston Family Session_0002Houston Family Session_0001Houston Family Session_0003Houston Family Session_0004

Baby Keon, Greyson’s other new best friend (there were more than a few fights over who could and should be his only new best friend!). He’s shy in front of the camera, but only because of his fear that people might figure out he’s really Spiderman.

Houston Family Session_0007Houston Family Session_0008Houston Family Session_0019Houston Family Session_0021Houston Family Session_0012Houston Family Session_0020

And the two that started it all —

Houston Family Session_0017Houston Family Session_0009Houston Family Session_0014Houston Family Session_0016Houston Family Session_0018Houston Family Session_0015Houston Family Session_0011

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  1. QueenReguba RH says:

    Beautiful… Family is bond!

  2. Tamica Ortega says:

    These are beautiful!

  3. Skyla Spotkaeff says:

    beautiful fam!

  4. Angela Trice says:

    OMG! These pictures are so amazing! I want to be in that family. LOL!

  5. Katrina Marie Williams-Walden says:


  6. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Awe shucks….you captured folks I’ve been stalking for quite a while!!! Love it!!

  7. Karen Harris Russell says:

    There’s a sweet elegance and a family bond captured in these photos. Beautiful!

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