Historic Rosewell Proposal : Brandon + Kelsey


If you like me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you already know that I spent last Saturday in Roswell, Georgia, lurking in the bushes… in the rain, capturing the moment my college classmate, Brandon, asked his beautiful girlfriend, Kelsey, to be his wife. Capturing a proposal is always romantic and lots of fun. With that one question, a couple starts a journey that will lead to vows and countless years of love and adventures, together. Guys, take note… documenting the beginning of the journey, is as important to her as every moment that will follow.

Kelsey and Brandon met four years ago at a service project. Serving others is important to them both, so Brandon wanted to incorporate that aspect of their lives into the day. So, they started their day by delivered meals around the city of Atlanta with Project Open Hand. As far as Kelsey knew, they were going to hang out for the rest of the day, before heading to dinner.

After treating her to a manicure (because a girl has to have pretty nails to go with her new ring), Brandon suggested they walk around Historic Roswell before heading to dinner. Moments before they arrived at the park, where the proposal was to take place, it started to rain. At the park, they happened upon Patrick, a caricature artist… who was happy to draw a quick sketch of the couple.


During the sketch, Patrick had to step away to take a quick call… so, Brandon suggested that they take a look at what he had sketched so far.

Little did Kelsey know, the entire scene was part of Brandon’s master plan. Based on an image Brandon provided the week before, Patrick had already sketched an image of him on one knee and Kelsey, moments before saying, “yes!”

Little did Brandon know… Kelsey considered it rude to look at an artist’s work before it was complete. And so.. she refused and walked away, as Brandon continued to insist that she take a peek. In hindsight, I can appreciate Kelsey’s respect for the artist… in the moment though, I was jumping around behind the bushes, trying to figure out what was a happening! I was so confused. Lol.


After a call from Brandon and a promise to not look at the sketch, Kelsey returned. Patrick did the honors of giving her the completed sketch, which Brandon dropped to one knee. The rest is history… they laughed over how horribly the plan unfolded, then Kelsey answered Brandon’s question with as much excitement as was depicted by her caricature.


To escape the rain, we all stepped into Vinnings Gallery, where we were greeted with open arms and bottle of celebratory champagne (not planned, but a fantastic addition to the day), by  our new friend, Mary!


We parted ways and Brandon and Kelsey headed to dinner at Greenwoods on Green Street, where she was surprised, again, by her family and his!!

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  1. Marquita Doss Robinson says:


  2. Kory Bailey says:

    Love this! Brandon, you were there for my proposal, so you already know. You did a fantastic job. Much better than the 15 minutes of babbling I did before getting down to business. Congrats again brother!

  3. Em Ingram says:


  4. Jw Jason Brown says:

    This is how a real man does it. Creative, thoughtful, romantic, memorable. Congrats B-Rus!

  5. Melissa Mancini says:

    I loved the images when you previewed them and now love the story just as much! Congratulations Brandon and Kelsey!

  6. Tahiera Monique Brown says:

    Awwwwwah! How amazing!!!

  7. Adrienne Fowler says:

    Love this! Very sweet.

  8. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Too doggone sweet!!! It will always be a simple, yet unforgettable moment!!!! Great job Brandon!! Elle, I can picture you hiding in the bushes because you’re definitely one photographer who is not afraid of a dirty ground or ants!!! You da bomb!!!

  9. Don Edwin Harris says:

    What a classy proposal. Congratulations nephew!

  10. Temeka Carmel says:

    I just emotional this is toooo sweet

  11. […] I have photographed a few proposals, but probably none as special and memorable as Brandon’s to Kelsey. Aside from the fact that his plan went terribly wrong and at one point, I worried that it wasn’t going to turn out well for him… Brandon ended up on one knee in the rain, which made for incredibly romantic images. If you didn’t see the it, I insist you check it out [Brandon’s Proposal.] […]

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