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Sarah has been a huge fan and supporter of my work, for as long as I can remember.  Her excitement about new posts and what I have going on is always encouraging.  She and I are connected on Facebook and Instagram… I’ve sort of fallen in love with her adorable little girl and the bond that they share, which comes through in every one of her posts.  It’s hard believe that last week was the first time that we met in person.  Luckily for me, Sarah and Hailey both celebrated birthdays recently, which gave Sarah a great excuse to book a Fall Mini-Session.

Hailey, like every other three year old, was full of energy and bounced around for most of the session.  I pulled out all of my tricks, and even sang the theme songs from all the popular cartoons (because, what little girl doesn’t love singing the check-up son from Doc McStuffins?!)  She is a very smart girl, though, and quickly caught on to what I was trying to do. So, I just captured her being herself.. which was more than enough. Sarah, you will look back with fond memories, I hope, of how rambunctious you sweet, beautiful daughter was at three.

This picture totally cracks me up…. “Hailey, stand right beside mommy… so that I can get a picture of your pretty shoes!” *Hailey steps on mommy’s toes*

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  1. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    I could just eat her up!!! Love these two! Too doggone adorable!!!! Schweet!!! Fantastico!!! Fantabulous!! Can’t think of any more non-dictionary words to describe these photos!!! Just love them!

  2. Haley Graydon says:


  3. Sarah Katherine Eddington says:

    These pics are so totally Hailey. 🙂 Love them so much.

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