Brittany + Willie | Engaged

Brittany and Willie were small-town high school sweethearts straight out of a story book, down to the fact she was a cheerleader and he a football player. However, Brittany knew that she wanted her engagement session to be anything but typical, expected, or “small-town.”

During the planning, Brittany repeatedly described herself as being a little “flashy,” while Willie, in contrast, is more of a laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of guy.  Those aspects of their personality slowly became the running theme for their session. Of course, “flashy” can mean different things for different people… and so, with lots of excitement and with Pinterest at her beckoning call, Brittany started sending pictures and links to sessions she liked.

The catch, every shoot she sent took place in a big city, with big architecture, and most with some sort of pedestrian street mall element. I admitted to her, after the fact, that I was kind of stressed out during the planning stage. After all, neither Montgomery (where Brittany and Willie live and will be married this July) or Birmingham offer the feel of DC or Philadelphia. Nonetheless, I set out to create a fun, vibrant, and fashionable (a.k.a. flashy) engagement session, with a “big city” feel that Brittany (and Willie) would adore. I hope you adore it too! 

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  1. Christina Sunshine Jensen says:

    What an awesome shoot. Gorgeous ring and gorgeous couple!

  2. Jamie Dobbins says:

    Looooove these photos!

  3. Porcha Key says:

    Gorgeous! LOVE them all!

  4. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    As always…you and this couple rocks!

  5. Emma Nathews says:

    You rocked it Elle! Fabulous!

  6. Brittany Burroughs says:

    Thanks everyone! She turned a dream into reality! Such an eye for photographing!

  7. Brittany Sharday says:

    Last frame is my favorite. She has great legs! 😉

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