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Nick + Zach | Siblings

As an only child and mother of one, I am fascinated with siblings. I love to see how the same set of genes combine to create different looks and personalities, or ones that are so much alike it’s scary. I love to watch a big family interact and find their sense of order in what appears to be total chaos. I especially love to watch the relationship between brothers and sisters… I look forward to the day when my son will be someone’s big brother, because not only will it give me a chance to  love  another child, I will also have the chance to witness a new layer of his personality.

I have known Nick and Zach’s mom since she was pregnant with Zack, the oldest, and have been photographing these two since before Nick, the youngest, was crawling! I never know what to expect when I’m headed to a session with these two. Of course, Nick is growing up so fast, while Zach has about as much personality as a bus full of kindergartners. He is always ready to entertain with his perfectly timed jokes or flashy super spy moves!

All was going well with our session, until I suggest the two hold hands. Nick reached out with excitement. His every mannerism oozes love and admiration for his big brother. Zach on the other hand, pointedly told me that I was embarrassing him. In the middle of a field, with no one to see but me and his parents, I had some how embarrassed him by asking him to hold his little brothers hand… Sigh.

Oh Nick. You are just too cute… And yes Zach, you are too cool. 

I can’t wait to see you two again!

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  1. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Love, love, love these young men! Adorable!

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