Jessica + Stan
A Winter Wedding in Murfreesboro

Oftentimes, love finds you when you aren’t even looking for it. For Jessica and Stan, love found them when she was searching for furniture, of all things. Focused on finding the right pieces for her spare bedroom, Jessica didn’t notice a sales associate checking her out as she checked out headboards. When the associate closing the sale pointed this fact out, Jessica jokingly said she could give him her phone number from the purchase order.

She may have been joking, but Stan was serious. After his shift, he sent her a text and a week later they met for their first date.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, a little over a year after that first date, Stan asked Jessica to marry him. They had booked a few activities for the day but he told her that he needed to spend the afternoon taking care of some things. He assured her that they would do something special that evening, asking her to dress up for the night. When she arrived, he asked her to close her eyes before guiding her into the house, where her parents, her sister, his sister, his brother-in-law, and his niece and nephew waited. She was overwhelmed by the surprise and excitedly agreed to be his wife.

The co-worker who connected the two later shared that she felt God urging her to make the introduction. Jessica and Stan rest in knowing that their union was predestined by Him.

Jessica and Stan were married at the Fountains at Gateway in Murfreesboro, TN. She’s an event planner, so professional-level time and attention had been paid to ensuring solid vendors were in place for a seamless day. The one thing she couldn’t plan for was an ice and snowstorm two days before the wedding.

Middle Tennessee isn’t known to have particularly rough winters, but every few years a storm will pass through, causing havoc and closures. Thankfully, the snow started melting on the roads the morning of the wedding and with a team effort, dresses and suits were picked up and all of the vendors were able to make their way to the wedding site.

Jessica and Stan’s first look! …or perhaps her chance to make sure he was wearing the socks with her face 🙂

I loved the moment when they saw each other at the altar. Even though they saw each other earlier in the day for a first look, this moment was still special and full of emotion! Stan’s parents’ presence was missed due to their passing, but Jessica says, “It was a joyous feeling know that we married the person God meant for us.”

When asked about one special memory from the day, Jessica provided, “Our most memorable moment was being out in the snow for our post-ceremony pictures. It was super cold but it was also an invincible feeling to be standing there as husband and wife knowing that our life had just taken on a new beginning and new meaning.”

Of course… she left out all of the convincing I had to do to get them to trudge out into the cold — but it was 100% worth it. The snow was a beautiful backdrop for their smiles.

Jessica and Stan’s message to couples planning their day is, “Our advice is to savor the moments, especially your vow moment. Marriage can be tough sometimes but you always have to remember who and what brought you to that altar for your vows. So be present (as much as you can) when you stand there because its the moment that matters most. Also, have fun. It’s your day your way so enjoy it.”

The two look forward to growing together and growing their family. Since these photos were taken, Jessica and Stan have had a beautiful little boy and are loving every moment with him.

TRUSTED VENDORS: PLANNER: Jess Events by Design // VENUE: Fountains at Gateway // PHOTOGRAPHY: Elle Danielle // VIDEOGRAPHY: Laws of Ace // MUA: Jacquie Johnson // BRIDAL HAIR: Jae Warren // BRIDAL ATTIRE: Brides by Glitz // BRIDESMAIDS’ ATTIRE: Bella Bridesmaids + Brides by Glitz // GROOM’S ATTIRE: Brides by Glitz // CAKE: City Girl Treats // CATERING: Chef Batts + Pretty Plated // BARTENDER: Luxe Libations // FLORALS: Weddings Unlimited // MUSIC: DJ C-Lo // INVITATION SUITE: Jess Events by Design // DRAPING: Exquisite Appeal // PHOTOBOOTH: U Been Framed // BALLOON ART: Lolalloons

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