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3 Tips for Better Bridal Suite Images

Images of a bride getting ready for a day she has dreamed about and planned for months, or maybe even years, are some of my favorites on a wedding day. It’s in those moments that a woman literally sees herself as a bride for the first time, often sharing that special moment with the woman she holds most dear.

Like every aspect of a wedding day, a little bit of planning can go a long way to having the best pre-wedding experience and ending up with a gallery of beautiful images from that portion of the day.

Have your details set-aside when the photographer arrives.  

Your photographer will want to photograph all of your special bridal details, including your dress; veil; shoes; jewelry; invitation suite; wedding bands; your wedding day scent; your something new, borrowed, and blue; and any gifts that you’ve given your bridal party. Having these items set-aside and ready to shoot, when your photographer arrives, will save time and save you or your bridesmaids from having to run around and look for those items when she arrives.

If possible, Get ready in a space with ample natural light.

It’s simple: beautiful light leads to the creation of beautiful images. For me, the amount of natural light trumps the amount of space and even how luxurious a room is… within reason, of course.  Don’t y’all go book an itty bitty room and say I told you to do so! When you’re deciding on where you’ll get ready for your day if in doubt, ask your photographer to weigh in on the options and let you know which space will allow her to capture that portion of your day beautifully.

Save time for quiet moments.

Wedding days are long and full of people. A majority of a bride (and groom)’s day will be spent with large groups of people. It’s a wonderful thing — to be surrounded by family and friends who wish you well, but for most people, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Carving out a little quiet time, before the festivities begin, to reflect on your feelings and the importance of the day, will be time well-spent. And those quiet moments are so special in an album.

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