Lauree + Spurgeon
Movie-Themed Engagement Session

Lauree and Spurgeon are “movie people,” and knew that they wanted to incorporate their love for theaters into their engagement session. They even went so far as to have a skirt for her and matching suspenders him custom-made from Avenger-themed fabric. Fortunately, because they literally go to the movies every weekend, it was easy to get permission to use a theater to grab a few shots of them doing what they love!

Movie Themed Engagement_0001Movie Themed Engagement_0002Movie Themed Engagement_0003Movie Themed Engagement_0004Movie Themed Engagement_0005Movie Themed Engagement_0006Movie Themed Engagement_0007Movie Themed Engagement_0008Movie Themed Engagement_0009Movie Themed Engagement_0010

We wrapped up their session at Miles College where they became friends, after meeting at a mutual friend’s party… and eventually fell in love.

Movie Themed Engagement_0015Movie Themed Engagement_0016Movie Themed Engagement_0017Movie Themed Engagement_0018Movie Themed Engagement_0011Movie Themed Engagement_0012Movie Themed Engagement_0013Movie Themed Engagement_0019

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