Anjelica + Deron
Married at Acre Restaurant (Memphis)

Anjelica and Deron met on Tumblr, of all places. She and he followed one another, along with hundreds of other unknown people because of the content of their respective blogs. Eventually, he noticed that she was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the sister organization to his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. With this connection in his arsenal, he took a leap of faith and virtually introduced himself. Anjelica and Deron soon realized that they had an inconceivable number of things in common and continued to talk often, online, for months. Eventually, they met in person in NYC and again 5 months later in Nashville, Tennessee. Their chemistry was undeniable, and they both felt that they were meant to be together. After two years of long distance dating, they both moved to Memphis and three years later, decided to get married.

Their wedding took place at ACRE restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee in front of 75 guests. After, the guests dined on some of the best wedding food I have ever experienced, including BBQ in both a Memphis and North Carolina-style, which is Deron’s home state.

AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0001 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0002 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0003 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0004 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0005 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0006 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0007 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0009AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0008 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0024 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0011 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0012 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0010 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0022 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0021 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0014 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0013 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0015

In her words, “what I’ll remember most about the day is how I felt walking down the aisle to meet Deron. In that moment, I felt God’s love and understood his divine plan for us. Everything in my life made sense.”

AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0020 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0016 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0017 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0018 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0019AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0027 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0028 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0025 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0026 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0029 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0030 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0031

FAVORITE! I already love a good veil shot — and with Anjelica’s gorgeous smile…

AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0032 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0033AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0034 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0035 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0036 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0037 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0038 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0039 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0040 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0041 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0042 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0043 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0044 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0045
Another fave!! I only wish I would have grabbed a shot of Anjelica’s friends standing beside me screaming, “YAAASSS!!” and “SLAY!!” while we were shooting! Lol. AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0047 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0046 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0050 AcreMemphisWeddingbyElleDanielle_0048

I love this last image of the night that my second shooter, Darcy, captured. It’s of Anjelica’s dad, as she and Deron are getting into their car.. his love and pride are written all over his face.

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your day. Let’s do it again in the form of a renewal in a few years! *wink*

TRUSTED VENDORS : VENUE + CATERING : Acre Restaurant (Memphis) // COORDINATOR : Southern Charm Events // HAIR : Yolunchee Dockery // MAKEUP : Trisha Mickens  //  FLORALS : Kacie Cooper Florals // BRIDAL ATTIRE : Lows Bridal and Formal // CAKES : Frost Bake Shoppe + Muddy’s Bake Shop // Paper :

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