Franceline + Weslie
Associate Wedding at Mathews Manor

A few years ago, I met a new photographer who wanted to gain some experience with weddings. She seemed nice, so I invited her to tag along at a wedding to assist with lights, help with bags, and to give her a chance to watch and learn. I didn’t pay her to help at that first wedding, but she was such an amazing assistant that I started paying her to come along. Eventually, she started “third shooting,” assisting still, but also shooting for practice. Months later, she travelled to Florida to officially second shoot her first wedding with me and in January of 2015, Nikesha became Elle Danielle Photography’s first associate photographer.

Really, the ways in which she has grown as a photographer and my trust in her to represent my brand deserves a blog post of it’s own. But, I couldn’t share this particular wedding without a little background about the journey of the photographer that captured it — as a lead photographer — for the very first time.

When Franceline first contacted me about her wedding, I was already booked for her date. And so, I offered my new associate, Nikesha, as a way for her and Weslie to still enjoy the service and quality of images she was interested in, but without having me at her wedding.  They were open to the idea and after a meeting with Nikesha and I, sold on having Nikesha capture their day.

And as you start looking through their images, you’re probably going to remember Franceline and Weslie’s amazing travel-inspired engagement session, so HERE is a link back to the session to enjoy it again.

ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0005 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0006 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0007 For Franceline, the preparation for the day is among her most cherished memories. Putting on her dress felt magical and was the moment that the day felt “real.” ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0011ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0008 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0009Franceline and Weslie met in 2008 at the birthday party of a mutual friend. Neither could have expected for a simple “hello” to blossom into a romance that would eventually lead to marriage and in fact, it almost didn’t… It took running into one another a few more times for the butterflies to begin to flutter and to leave Franceline intrigued with the idea of getting to know Weslie better. Eventually, the two exchanged numbers and their courtship began.
ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0010ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0012 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0013 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0014 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0015 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0016 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0017 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0018The most sentimental detail of the day were the two pendants that hung from Franceline’s bouquet in memory of her mother and grandmother.
ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0019ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0020 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0021 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0022 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0023 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0024 I adore this image of her brother escorting Franceline to the alter. That veil!!ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0025 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0026 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0027 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0028 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0029ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0032 After the ceremony comes the party — and as you’ll see, Franceline and Weslie’s family and friends knew how to party. I love how joyous everyone looks until the very last moments of the night. Being surrounded and celebrated by those you love are what weddings are about! Nikesha and her team did a wonderful job capturing all of their joy! ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0038ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0031 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0030ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0041 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0042 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0039ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0036ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0033ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0040ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0047ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0046ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0044ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0043ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0037ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0048ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0034 ElleDanielleAssociateWedding_0035TRUSTED VENDORS : VENUE:  Mathews Manor // COORDINATOR:  Jill Sims // FLORAL/DESIGN:  CeeCee Designs // BRIDAL GOWN: Bridal Reflections Carle Place, Eve of Milady // MUA: Lauren Sinclair // HAIR: Dorsae, Kristan Whitt // DJ: DJ Serious // CAKE: Mathews Manor // VIDEO: AL Weddings // STATIONARY: Exclusively Weddings

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