A House Divided : Kierston + AJ

It’s one of my favorite client stories to tell.

In the Fall of 2013, Kierston booked a mini session…  At a time of the year when all families have portraits done for their annual holiday cards and updated Facebook profile pictures, Kierston booked a session just for herself. I have said time and time again, as I did in the blog post of her session, that I love when clients (women, especially) document where they are in the life, regardless of whether there is a husband, kids, and an adorable pet to fill the frame.

During her session, I jokingly suggested that, perhaps, the new great pictures of her would lead to a love interest.  Now… I can’t take full credit for Kierston finding love, but one year later, she called me to ask me to photograph her wedding!!

Today, Kierston will marry the man God made for her. I will share more about the joyful and often times difficult journey that led her to today in due time, but I know that AJ has absolutely been a blessing to her in this past year… despite him being a die-hard Auburn fan and former football player, in opposition to Kierston’s loyalty to her alma mater, the University of Alabama.

Fall Portraits_0026
Auburn University EngagementFall Portraits_0028KierstonAJ-63

Auburn University EngagementAuburn University Engagement
Fall Portraits_0025Fall Portraits_0027Auburn University Engagement
Auburn University EngagementAuburn University EngagementAuburn University Engagement
Auburn University EngagementAuburn University EngagementKierstonAJ-6

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  1. […] me joking that perhaps that very session would lead to a boyfriend, and her contacting me for an engagement session less than a year later, is one of my favorite client stories to tell. But, the truth is, AJ […]

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