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District of Columbia Engagement : Linda + Kevin

It feels like I’ve known Linda forever… truth is, we’ve only known each other since my freshman year at The University of North Carolina. But, considering that was fourteen years ago, and almost half of my life.. forever isn’t too far of a stretch.  We have been friends through so many stages of life, various relationships, and our shares of loss and heartbreaks… some greater than others.

She and Kevin met while attending Pharmacy school at Howard University. I traveled to Washington, DC a few months ago to capture their engagement session and will make my first-ever trip to Philadelphia in the Fall for the wedding. It truly overjoys me to see her so working in the career field she always hoped for and beaming with love.  I hope you enjoy these images half as much as I enjoyed capturing them! Big thanks to my friend Denyelle of Makeup Art by Denyelle for making Linda look so beautiful!

Linda Kevin Engagement-22Linda Kevin Engagement-4Linda Kevin Engagement-15Linda Kevin Engagement-10Linda Kevin Engagement-20Linda Kevin Engagement-25Linda Kevin Engagement-42Linda Kevin Engagement-27Linda Kevin Engagement-34Linda Kevin Engagement-36Linda Kevin Engagement-40Linda Kevin Engagement-39Linda Kevin Engagement-48

Thank you Howard University for being such a fun backdrop for the start of Linda and Kevin’s engagement session!

Linda Kevin Engagement-43Linda Kevin Engagement-62Linda Kevin Engagement-58Linda Kevin Engagement-61Linda Kevin Engagement-65Linda Kevin Engagement-71Linda Kevin Engagement-68Linda Kevin Engagement-72Linda Kevin Engagement-74

You have to know Linda to understand this image. Lol. I told her to give me one of her “looksc” and she pretty much nailed it!

Linda Kevin Engagement-81Linda Kevin Engagement-76Linda Kevin Engagement-78Linda Kevin Engagement-79Linda Kevin Engagement-80Linda Kevin Engagement-82Linda Kevin Engagement-84Linda Kevin Engagement-89Linda Kevin Engagement-87Linda Kevin Engagement-97Linda Kevin Engagement-91Linda Kevin Engagement-95Linda Kevin Engagement-92Linda Kevin Engagement-96Ahhh… Sebastian. So, Linda is apparently a cat lady. (No judgement… I promise!) During the planning of their engagement session, Linda and I talked about Sebastian having his own little photos session often. She doesn’t plan to take him with her to Philadelphia for the wedding, but thinks of him as a bit of an honorary groomsmen (or would it be groomscat?) I obliged, and appreciate ‘Bash for his cooperation. Xo sebastian-1

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  1. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    So ya’ll are just friends and not sisters?!!!! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! They’re both so photogenic and their love oozes off the pictures. Love the cat and the hat!!!! Sweet!!!

  2. Kellie Clark says:

    this was perfect. and Sebastian was born to where a top hat.

  3. Denyelle Duckett-Mua says:

    Awesome shots! Linda is such a natural! So glad I got to work with you on this session! Simply beautiful!

  4. Tiffanie Page says:

    Beautiful session!

  5. Rita Brock says:

    Beautiful Elle!

  6. Sara Cotten says:

    Ummmm .. How did I miss this blog post??! :S *stretches fingers and proceeds with typing ….

    I could have stopped at the first shot, but I decided to keep strolling down! 🙂 Cah-ute couple and I loved getting to see different parts of the city. I’m not a cat lover, but this little buddy NAILED.this.

  7. Dae Horne-Esq says:

    Okay, I just have to say I absolutely LOVE this engagement session. One of my favorites!!! Go Elle!!!

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