I am back from my trip to Washington, DC and excited to share all of the goodness I captured while I was there! First up: Breonna.. a beautiful, vibrant young woman, who has dreams of taking her dancing to the next level with a studio of her own. Running around and exploring the city, with her in tulle and chambray was a perfect combination of the things that make me happy and have been pinned on more than one occasion.


Double exposure love —


Makeup artist credit: Makeup Art by Denyelle

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  1. Sara Cotten says:

    so pretty, Elle & Breonna!!! i love the blend of delicate and raw textures in the shots.

  2. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Love her jewelry and jump!!!! You ladies are a perfect combination!! Very beautiful!!

  3. Iris Mannings says:

    once again you never cease to surprise me!!! I’m so inspired!! Sara just said exactly what I was thinking! Dainty and raw!! Love it!

  4. Brynetta Stockdale Gaddis says:

    I love your photographic style and eye for capturing life and making it be still.

  5. Erika Layne Salazar says:

    Absolutely stunning and whimsical!

  6. Monica Lewis says:

    I am absolutely speechless! These images speak beauty, grace, romance in dance. simply beautiful.

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