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December 17, 2013

Modern Purple & Gray Wedding : Kellie + Collier

From the very start, Kellie and Collier have been ideal clients. Not because they are both incredibly photogenic or because their love and the way they express it turns me into total goo… They’re amazing clients because they have trusted me from the very start and allowed me to do my job. I have been able to get to know them, to learn the little nuances in the way they look at one another, the way they touch… I have been able to observe, capture, and tell the story of their relationship.  Their engagement session and Kellie’s pre-wedding glamour session have been two of my favorites of the year, so it’s no surprise that their wedding totally knocked my socks off. Emma of Emily Dean Photography joined me as my second shooter and Nikesha of Pink House photography assisted. I think of these two as my “all-star” team and am thankful for all of their hard work on Kellie and Collier’s wedding day.

Kellie got ready for the day at the Westin Hotel in the new Entertainment District, while Collier and the guys got ready at his and Kellie’s downtown loft. Kellie opted to have her brother and nephew stand beside her as her groomsmen, rather than have traditional bridesmaids, which allowed for her to mentally prepare for and reflect on the day ahead mostly alone. She claims to be an introvert (I beg to differ) but this time suited her well.

Kellie gave Collier Eight & Bob Cologne for their special day. The cologne comes packaged inside of a book and is the same cologne that John F. Kennedy wore. Classic.

The sweetest first look there ever was —

The ceremony and reception took place at Bridge Street Gallery & Loft, in Birmingham’s Southside. Bridge street has a beautiful, yet industrial feel to it — which make it the perfect setting for their day.

Kellie’s little performance is proof that she’s not as much of an introvert as she claims, in my book. She credits wine with giving her the courage to lip-sync Al Green’s Love and Happiness for Collier and her guests, but I’m not buying it! Regardless, it was an epic moment that all will remember fondly for years.

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who made the day possible:

VENUE: Bridge Street Gallery & Loft // WEDDING COORDINATION: Sidney May of Elite Engagements // BRIDAL GOWN: Finery Boutique // INVITATION SUITE: Village Press // HAIR:  James Adams, Renovare Hair Salon + William Winslet, Oak Street Hair Group // MAKEUP: Jestina Howard, Aware Cosmetics // FLORALS: Hot House Design Studio // CATERING:  Happy Catering // LIVE MUSIC: Soul Collaboration // MUSIC: DJ Antlo

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  1. Tiffeny Curier says:

    Such an amazing wedding. The pics truly captured the experience. Great Job!

  2. Tasha Simone says:

    Smitten……yet I STILL *refuse to cry*!

  3. Jillian Smith says:

    I love everything associated with this wedding. You truly captured the emotion as I caught myself tearing up as if I were in attendance! Awesome work!!

  4. Christy Garrett Washington says:

    Wow…there are NO words. This was absolutely gorgeous!!! Superb job as always!

  5. Lauren Humphreys says:

    What a gorgeous wedding- the pictures are stunning! Her bouquet is ridiculous!

  6. Raven Conwell says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!!

  7. Charlene Geffrard says:

    ommmggggg beautiful

  8. Nia C. Jackson says:

    I love this!!! OMG!! Stunning. I have no words Elle, and me being speechless almost never happens. Kellie is a beautiful lady! Good grief. Great job!

  9. Carmeda McCurtis says:

    These photos are AMAZING!!!!!!! They look like a very BEAUTIFUL couple!!!

  10. Sequince Navette says:


  11. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Going through these photos had me on the edge of my seat and so engulfed!!! Almost like watching an episode of Scandal (without the scandal of course)!!! Loved, loved, loved it!!!!

  12. Sara Cotten says:

    need an A-Mazing example of a modernly classic wedding? scroll up ^^^^^ !!! 🙂
    LOVE the bouquet, the setting, the simplicity with character and personality intertwined .. i just love this couple!

  13. Natalie N. Cook says:

    Simply beautiful …..couple and wedding! Goregous pictures!’

  14. Jestina R. Howard says:

    Perfect wedding for a perfect couple.

  15. Tanya Jackson says:

    absolutely gorgeous!!! THe first look picture when he was crying when he saw her…….#priceless

  16. Christin Armstrong says:

    Gorgeous wedding! I think I’ll get married again!! (insert emoji)

  17. Tab J Amos says:

    Love it!!!! Do you have a 2nd shooter?

  18. Jackie Markham says:


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