Natayah + Jahmal | Married in Mexico (Part II) | Trash the Dress

Tay is not the girly-girl type. Her laid back personality and genuine heart are my favorites. She is drama free  and has a great spirit. She tends to lean toward the positive in most scenarios which makes it easier for us to discuss our areas of opportunity. She has an innocent yet mischievous aspect to her that’s absolutely adorable because its very genuine. – Jahmal

I love Jahmal’s mind!  He thinks EVERYTHING through and is so considerate.  I am very impulsive and selfishly, I tend to jump blindly into situations without thinking about the impact it may have on others.  Jahmal on the other hand, is very considerate and makes quick but thoughtful decisions.  I admire that trait in a husband.  I like how he can take control when he needs to make an “executive decision” and I know that he puts my best interest first. – Tay     

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  1. Sara Ward says:

    the sand on her elbows; the water on his; the look.. the gentle embrace.. the love. scroll five photos up for what I believe is THE PERFECT shot! this session is positively unreal, Elle Danielle!

  2. Rachel Fouladbakhsh Bond says:

    These pictures are so gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and location!

  3. Jaime Patterson says:

    gorgeous setting, gorgeous couple and I love what they had to say about one another.

  4. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    What an awesome location to trash the dress! Love the concept, but looking forward to wearing mine again during a vow renewal in the future.

  5. Michelle May says:

    These are beautiful!!! Love the concept

  6. Lisa Everette says:

    Simply Beautiful! Love the shots.

  7. Rai De Lain says:


  8. Sue Walker says:

    Absolutely over the top… crazy good… amazingly beautiful! I cannot stop pouring over every captured moment of their beautiful day!

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