Carmen + Auri | Engaged

Some couples just have a vibe. You can tell they are totally in-tune with one another; in sync with their every step. Carmen and Auri are so smitten with one another, that all it literally took to evoke a natural laugh from Carmen, was a look from Auri.  Shooting their engagement session was effortless. Auri came into the session, with the goal of being one of my top three favorite couples to shoot, ever. Of course, I would never admit to having favorites, but if I did–Auri, you and Carmen would be in the running! *smile*

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  1. Kim Nelson says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!! They look like the funnest couple!

  2. Jaime Patterson says:

    her smile is contagious! what a lovely couple, great work.. as usual! 🙂

  3. Brandee Davis says:

    Beautiful! May God continue to bless the both of you!

  4. Tanya Jackson says:

    Wow, beautiful! Her makeup was flawless, Congratulations and blessings to your union.

  5. Kimberly Webb-Gibson says:

    Beautiful imagese. They look like an amazing couple. By the way I am loving her eyeshadow.

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