A few weeks ago, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to visit some old friends and hang out with new ones. Danielle Finney, better known around the Internet as “DFinney” of DFinney Photography and Design is a fellow photographer that I have grown quite fond of and already considered a friend, thanks to the magic of social media. When I learned that she would be visiting the south, I could not pass on the opportunity to meet up with her.

We hit it off immediately and learned that we have a lot more in common than our style (we unknowingly wore matching outfits) and the name “Danielle.” Like most of us,  she was nervous to be in front of the camera. It’s a funny thing, how nerve-wracking it is for photographers to be on the other side… Being behind the camera is our safe place and stepping in front requires us to let go of the control and to trust someone else to mesh our vision with their own. Luckily for me, DFinney is gorgeous, silly, and a total natural!

I hope you all enjoy these images half as much as I enjoyed capturing them! Big shout out to Denyelle Duckett (yes, another “Danielle” was a part of making this happen) for the AMAZING job on make-up!

Love you, DFin!

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  1. Kathryn Beff Fuller says:

    23 kinds of amazing! Both of you!

  2. Donna Dunlap Photography (Picturing Art) says:

    Very impressive!

  3. Danielle 'Danni' Finney says:


  4. Veronica Campbell says:


  5. Stephanie Veronica says:


  6. Bradley Hill says:


  7. Rosalind Kinlaw says:

    Beautiful! She is a inspiration. Her work is wonderful.

  8. Junior Mande says:


  9. Morgan Trinker says:


  10. Nikki Brown says:

    These are gorgeous!!!

  11. Sabrena Robinson Portraits says:

    So many kinds of wonderful! That first shot blew my mind! Danni looks AMAZING, flirty, sexy, fun, etc etc etc! You two ladies did a great job on each other’s sessions! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. Sacredcreation Amos says:

    Love that woman and these images are beautiful!

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