Bahna Family

I don’t think I was blogging the last time I shot these cute kiddos. Which means, you all were denied in a huge way. Seriously, I don’t think there is a cuter brother/sister combo in the city of Birmingham.  Amelia is about as close to a living doll as I’ve ever photographed, and her big brother, Aidan, is a little model in the making.

The family and I got together a few weeks ago for holiday portraits. Here are just a few of my favorites!

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  1. Erica Shunnarah says:

    OMG I love these! Aiden is a natural and YES, Amelia is like a living doll! SO CUTEEE!

  2. Tiki Merritt Curry says:

    Beautiful lil ones and sweet family! Love it!

  3. Terrie Landers says:

    too cute. a beautiful family.

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