I finally met  Harper in October. I had been Facebook friends with her mom for a while, as we are both graduates of Cumberland School of Law.  I distinctly remember when Harper was born, because I was amazed at how cute she was and  by how much hair she had.  Don’t get my wrong, I know a lot of babies are born with a head full of hair, but not like hers. She had an actual hairstyle. A hairstyle that, in the course of a year (and without the assistance of a stylist) has transitioned from the perfect little pixie to long layers that is nothing short of hollywood-worthy.

Harper was a good girl during her shoot, but like most little ones, she had her moments. With the idea of the final images genuinely reflecting my subjects’ personality and temperament, I usually won’t let pouting or a few tears stop the show. In this case, I am glad I kept shooting for a few seconds because she probably has one of the most adorable pouts (and angry,” mommy-come-get-me-NOW”) faces I have ever seen!!


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  1. Nicole Brown says:

    Such a beautiful little girl! Gorgeous photos!

  2. tracey stone says:

    what a sweet little girl. great job capturing her sweetness and emotion. <3

  3. Shannon Morton says:

    Elle, these are simply beautiful!! The ones of her sitting in the grass, wearing a green dress are absolutely stunning!! If I were her mommy, I would get some beautiful canvases made out of those. Excellent work!!

  4. Aysha says:

    LOVE this! So cute!!

  5. Corina Silva says:

    Just love it!!!!!!!!

  6. Brie says:

    She is so pretty!! These are beautiful!

  7. sunny says:

    This little girl couldn’t be more gorgeous if she tried! wowzers Xx

  8. Artney says:

    She’s beautiful!!!

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